An Open Letter to the Editors


Harlequin Teen Publishers-I have a bone to pick with you!

A while back, I wrote a post which outlined a mistake in one of your books but I continued reading the series, and I finished all of the books. They were quite good. I will review them in another post- I know I keep promising them, and they definitely will turn up. The books in question was the Soul Screamer Series, by Rachel Vincent

But back to you. The Publishers.

I emailed you. You never responded. That was rude.

I didn’t want to publicly shame you, but you left me no other choice.

There is a part of me which still doesn’t want to post this. I love reading- I used to dream about doing what you guys do! You get to read stories, the good and he bad, and help them get better- to edit and to publish- that was my dream. That actually still might be. I don’t want to have to tear you guys to shreds, and I don’t want to have a go at you for how you do your job.

But here I am. And here we go.

In my earlier post I told you about a mistake in the continuity in one of your books.

Don’t worry if you haven’t read the post, I’ll tell you again. In book 1 of the series, it is explained that Kaylee, as a female Bean Sidhe  finds Harmony’s (another female Bean Sidhe) soul song beautiful. Then in Book 2, Harmony is trying to teach Kaylee to control her wail, and because Harmony is not a male Bean Sidhe,  she can only hear Kaylee’s wail- her soul song- as humans hear it, as a deafening racket. Do you get my confusion?

Yeah, big time boo-boo there. But, I said I could deal with that boo-boo if- and only if- it didn’t swap back and forth between the two, depending on which fact suited the story line. And to your credit- it never changed again, you stuck to the new and improved party line. Good Job!

However, if that had been the case I would have walked away, let my post fall into the endless clamoring of the internet and never mentioned it again.

Then the big time clangers just kept on coming.

I counted 4 more. Its safe to say I was disappointed in the profession I hold in such high regard.

Mistake 1) Book 2 again, this time on page 312, Addy one of the main characters in this book, is mispelt as Abby. Ouch, imagine having your writer and creator get your own name wrong- it’d be like my parents calling me Claire!

Mistake 2) Book 3. Another spelling mistake- do you mean gell? because i’m pretty sure the word you are looking for is Fell!

Mistake 3) Book 5. Page 282. A third spelling mistake- the word is my, not me, unless you live in London and are talkng full on Cockney- then ‘me’ works.

Mistake 4) Final Mistake. Final Book. Page 266. Lydia. Or rather the Emma/Lydia hybrid. Emma has brown eyes. Lydia had blue eyes. Or at least that’s what we had been led to believe in all the other books (that they are in). So why is it- at a time when their eye colour is so important. Would Lydia have her eyes described as brown in her medical file? That mistake made the whole scenario make zero sense. The interaction was made null and void by the complete 360s that were happening in the narration.

I really enjoyed these books. But I wouldn’t read them again, not now.

Moreover, I wouldn’t read another Harlequin Teen book- I spent the whole time reading looking out for the next mistake, and never allowed myself to fully wrap myself up in the story.

Publishers and Editors hold the key to a generations imagination- they control which fantasy’s are brought to life in paper and ink. They control what a generation dreams about. I come from a generation dreaming about going to Hogwarts. Teen books are exciting because they reveal to us what the day dreams of the next generation could be. But with mistakes like these, I would honestly believe that it won’t be a Harlequin Teen book that holds are kids enamoured.


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